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Imam Qutaibah


Imam Qutaibah was born in Ames, IA, to Dr. JaniAlam Abbasi and Mrs. Mussarat Sultana (may Allah have mercy on them both) as the eighth of nine children, walhamdulillah. Due to his strong thirst for knowledge and spirituality, Imam Qutaibah began his studies from a very young age by memorizing the Quran with its word-to-word meaning under the wing of his father.
Imam Qutaibah has been the student and mentee of many prominent and contemporary scholars, but primarily that of the sheikh Dr. Ibrahim Dremali. He firmly believes that the process of seeking knowledge and gaining the wisdom thereof is an ever continuing process. As such, he continually treads that path and has committed himself to doing so as long as he is able.
Imam Qutaibah is active in the field of da'wah; frequently travelling around the country conducting sermons, lectures, seminars, and classes to a wide variety of audiences including Muslims and non-Muslims. Imam Qutaibah specializes in young adult and youth ministry and has worked with many young adults as well as youth all throughout the United States. As such, many have grown quite fond of him, and have come to know him informally as "Imam Q."
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